~~Rest In Peace, Mum.

~~Eva Reddy - March 2016

~~And here is, the thriller at last! 'Scoop'. Each book I write has a little of myself within its pages and this one is no exception. In this instance, however, I have to admit to having a darker side. One that longs for the retaliation and retribution I’ll never see because I’d never be able to live with myself if I did. For me, writing this book was therapeutic. It allowed me to vent much of my pent-up anger and for the most part, heal in those places that were once smoldering, festering abscesses of fury. Now, is as good a time as any to move forward and leave history firmly where it belongs – in the past.

~~Sadly, our fur baby has recently left us. I understand that those we love are only ever on loan to us, but my goodness... the returns are hard. I am devastated by her loss. That coupled with my mother's worsening health will most likely result in very little writing from me for a while, at least. Until then, please enjoy 'Scoop'.

~~Eva Reddy - January 2016

~~Good news! The romance novel has finally been published. It's called 'Caring for Amelia' and is available from Amazon.com.

For those of you who are aware, yes, there's a lot about my mother within its pages, especially the funny parts. Also, the dog character, 'Mickey' is based on my own dog. However, I need you all to know that the character Nick, is not based on my own loving partner, Suzi. The role of Clancy would be closer to her, although, I must admit that Clancy is something of a collage-character and made up from all of the positive assistance and love I get from a number of individuals, most especially Suzi.

~~The next book is underway, a thriller and perhaps, a glimpse of my darker side. It will be called 'Scoop' and I hope to have that published before the end of the year, so keep your fingers-crossed for me.

~~Eva Reddy - January 2015

By Eva Reddy

~~I'm so glad I've returned to writing; it's been good for my soul. When I was in my late twenties some friends convinced me to write a short story for a competition. The required topic was "My First True Love" and those chosen would be published in a book of short stories. All very exciting stuff really. So, I sat at my Remington manual typewriter and pounded out a heartfelt account of my first experiences in love and love-making. I sent off my little story feeling just as nervous as I was during that first tryst. A few weeks later my story was returned to me with more red ink on it than the black I'd written it in. The comments were scathing and I was devastated.

~~So, I left writing behind and immersed myself in my studies in Human Services, leading to a career working with people whose disability posed a significant challenge to finding and

keeping a job. Eventually my writing skills were useful in the development of legal documents used to provide a platform from which employers, unions and governments could provide and approve paid employment using a fair and independently assessed productivity-based wage system. The documents became a widely used template known as, 'The Carol Price Model.'

~~More than a quarter of a century since writing that first story, I found myself caring for my mother in the home I share with Suzi, my soul mate of more than 23 years. And somehow, in between the daily gauntlet of nebulizers, heart medications and physiotherapies, amongst the constant appointments with the local doctor, dietician, speech pathologist, occupational and physiotherapists, not to mention the lung specialist and the heart specialist appointments, - I managed to write a few more of my little stories. I shared them with my best friend, who convinced me to give writing another go. She also became my Beta-reader and as such, challenged me and encouraged me, but most of all, inspired me with her wonderful ideas of what I should write about next. The end result of this too-ing and fro-ing was finally published as 'Coffee Breaks' by Eva Reddy.

~~Why Eva Reddy? Well, there was the concern that those who made use of the 'Carol Price Model' would see a book called, Coffee Breaks by Carol Price and think that it might hold something useful for their workplace. Hence, it was decided that a different audience needed a different pen-name. Eva Reddy is based on a nickname I was given around the time I wrote that first short story. Ever-ready was the nickname, after a battery commercial at the time where one battery-operated toy was always a bit more manic and able to last longer than all the others. I was named for it by close friends.

~~To the woman who red-inked my first serious attempt at writing I say, "Thank you." I'm very proud of the work I've achieved in Human Services and wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything. That particular story is among those in 'Coffee Breaks' and as it would happen, a favorite of Heather Bennett, who reviewed the book for LOTL and Curve Magazines. Read Curve Magazine's Heather Bennett's review of Coffee Breaks at: http://www.curvemag.com/Curve-Magazine/Web-Articles-2014/Coffee-Breaks/

~~The outline for the next book is complete - a romance this time - so keep an eye out for that in the not too distant future.

~~Eva Reddy -January 2014